1. Undergraduate Admissions

(International Undergraduate Program in English)

Admission schedule

・Application: January
・Examination: February – March
・Start of semester: October 1st

Application Instructions

Enrollment: October 2020 (Enrollment closed)


2. Admissions for Master’s Program 

[a] International Course (Language of Instruction: English)

Admission schedule

・Application: April
・Examination: June
・Start of semester: October 1st

Applicant Guidelines

2020 Applicant Guidelines for International Master’s Programs and Master’s Course in Department of Cooperative Program for Resources Engineering in the Graduate School of Engineering, Kyushu University (Academic year from October, 2020)

Informations for applicants

Time schedule and main content of each subject of examination (295KB, PDF file)


Score certificate of qualification examination of English is not required.
Ability of English Speaking is judged by oral examination.


(90 min.)

  • Differential and Integral Calculus (2 problems),
  • Linear Algebra (2 problems),
  • Probability and Statistics (1 problem),
  • Differential Equation (1 problem)


(90 min.)

Choose 3 subjects from;

  • Structural Mechanics (1 problem),
  • Hydraulics (1 problem),
  • Soil Mechanics (1 problem),
  • Concrete Engineering (1 problem),
  • Planning Theory (1 problem),
  • Environmental System Engineering (1 problem)
Oral Examination  


[b] General Course (Language of Instruction: Japanese)

[b-1] General Examination

Admission schedule

・Application: June
・Examination: mid August
・Start of semester: April 1st

[b-2] Special Examination for International Students

Admission schedule

・Application: December – early January
・Examination: late January
・Start of semester: April 1st

Applicant Guidelines

2020 Special Examination for International Students (Academic Year from April, 2020)