Outline of International Program of Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is an academic field for the development and conservation of the national infrastructure (roads, rivers, coasts, mountains and forests, etc.) necessary for us to lead safe, secure and prosperous lives. The civil engineering also covers disaster prevention technologies, green infrastructures that aim to harmonize artificial cities with nature and ecosystems, next-generation transportation services combining big data, and the development of new materials for building durable structures.

Technologies in the Civil engineering have developed along with the history of mankind. Roads, bridges, water and sewage systems, railroads, ports, and other infrastructures make up our modern society. The world is now facing severe environmental, social, and economic problems. While inheriting and developing traditional technologies, civil engineering incorporates State-of-the-art technologies (AI, automatic driving, 5G, etc.) to build sustainable and prosperous national land and cities for the next 50 years, 100 years, and beyond.

In this rapidly changing world, civil engineers, who can combine various technologies and ideas to enrich the lives of citizens in their respective regions, are strongly required, both in Japan and abroad.